Private Psychotherapy – Individual, Couples and Family 650 917-9100

Hal Lynne Micali, LMFT

I am a therapist who focuses on behavior and emotion with warmth, kindness and persistence. When we meet for the first time we will discuss goals you wish to achieve and plan how to accomplish these goals in a collaborative way, evaluating weekly.  We will work to understand the reasons that lead you to desire help. We will practice ways to make changes in the session and determine ways to apply them in between sessions so you can generalize them in your everyday life. Please contact me at 650-917-9100  or if you have questions regarding my practice.


We meet regularly, at least weekly, individually to help you accomplish your goal to  change, increase acceptance of and / or coping with chronic or acute life issues so you can have a satisfying life.  The same process applies to couples and families.


To begin the process, we will meet about 4 times to set a goal and target behaviors to  increase or decrease.  We will work collaboratively to help you apply skills learned in DBT skills group to solve problems in your life. We use mindfulness and diary cards to keep us on track.  We will incorporate phone coaching so you learn new ways in the moment to solve problems, tolerate distress or regulate your emotions.


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